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White Papers

White Papers

In recent months Digital Viper has submitted white papers to peer scrutiny at various industry based web sites. This page allows users access to the original documents. Please feel free to offer comments or to ask questions either on the blog or by email.

From user interview to a system design: The data domain mapping process

The crux of a B.I. business analyst's skills is the ability to convert verbal requests into hard accurate specifications. This white paper examines the process in simple, easy to understand steps.

Fast reports - What's in the black box?

Are fast reports a black art? This white paper disusses how to optimise speed in reports. A slow report is a report that will be ignored by the user community.

A dummy's guide to Cognos

This document gives a brief overview of the Cognos toolset, their history and application in today's industry.

Report Data Writeback

ReportNet & Report Studio are read only tools right? Wrong - this technique demonstrates how reports can be used to 'writeback' to a database - Examples of this include report commentary, estimates and adjustments which will be immediately shown in the report.


Business intelligence & data warehousing glossary


Security in Cognos8

A brief document describing the different levels of report and portal based security including examples.




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